Traveling abroad and wondering how to keep your personal information and devices safe? Read on for 7 tips to ensure cyber-safe traveling.You want to keep your devices as safe as possible when traveling abroad, as you never know what dangers are lurking online. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For instance, you buy travel insurance just in case. You might not always use it. However, you will be grateful for it if something happens. You should give that same consideration to your personal information and mobile devices when traveling. With various recent software developments, keeping your devices safe and sound is easy. So, before you go on that long-awaited trip, you should take all possible measures to keep your data hidden from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. Here are some tips on how you can stay cyber-safe while traveling abroad.Avoid Public Wi-FiAvoid Auto-ConnectLock Your Devices While Traveling to be Cyber-SafeUpdate Your PasswordsUse VPNs for Cyber-Safe TravelingSoftware UpdatesTwo-Factor AuthenticationArticles Related to Cyber-Safe TravelingTips for Cyber-Safe Traveling7 Tips for Cyber-Safe TravelingAvoid Public Wi-FiPublic Wi-Fi connections can be your worst enemy. These networks might not have any protection, which could expose your information to anyone with basic tech skills.Avoid public wi-fi when you travel, especially without any other security measures. Photo by Leon Seibert on UnsplashPublic Wi-Fi may sound like a good idea when you’re in a rush and want to send your friends and family a few pictures and let them know how you’re doing but try to avoid them whenever possible. If, on the other hand, you need to use public Wi-Fi, make sure not to type in any of your account passwords or log into your online bank account. With these precautions, you won’t expose vital information to shady cyber-stalkers and will keep your devices safe.As is common in the travel industry, Wander With Wonder sometimes receives complimentary products and services. However, you can always count on Wander With Wonder to report with honesty and integrity on those places we believe offer wonderful opportunities for our readers. Wander earns income from ads and affiliate links on our site. Some of those links are for Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, Wander earns from qualifying purchases. None of these practices influence our reporting, but we believe in full disclosure. For further information please visit our legal page.Avoid Auto-ConnectYou shouldn’t keep your auto-connect Wi-Fi option on if you travel abroad because your device may connect to an unsafe or public network. If this option is on, you won’t realize your information is in danger.Instead, you should have complete control over your network connections. Connect to a Wi-Fi you trust and is encrypted, and remember that auto-connect can do you much harm because you won’t even notice when your connection is attacked.Lock Your Devices While Traveling to be Cyber-SafeIf you are not a fan of using passwords for your devices, we recommend doing it, at least when you are away from your home country. Locking your device can protect your information from getting stolen. It’s the first thing that will protect your data from cybercriminals.When choosing your password, ensure you know how to make it as complex as possible. Strong passwords should include capital letters and symbols, which makes them extremely difficult to figure out, even with specialized software. Additionally, there are other tips for password hygiene to consider.Update Your PasswordsYou should use a password for everything while you’re abroad, even your lock screen. To maximize your safety abroad, you should change your passwords as often as possible.Updating your passwords regularly adds a layer of protection that makes the average hacker’s job much more difficult. If you are not changing your passwords often, cybercriminals may find a way to hack into your device.Use VPNs for Cyber-Safe TravelingYou have probably already heard about the benefits a VPN for Windows can offer when working abroad. For instance, a Virtual Private Network can help you access remote resources. Additionally, this software will always hide your IP address and keep your identity private while using the internet.Use a VPN when you travel. Photo by Privecstasy on UnsplashFurthermore, if you use a VPN, you can also use public networks (although we still recommend avoiding them). So, you should also install a VPN on smartphones since they will likely accompany you when touring the cities.Software UpdatesSoftware updates can protect your device and your information from possible cyber-attacks, as old software versions may have “holes” cybercriminals can get into. The new versions have “patches” for these common exploits and will keep your data safer.If you have been avoiding updating your software because you don’t want to be away from your device for some time, now is the perfect time to do it, especially if you are going abroad soon or are planning to do so.Use common sense and these tips to help remain cyber safe while traveling. Photo by Andrew Neel on UnsplashTwo-Factor AuthenticationTwo-factor authentication includes using multiple ways of locking your device and the apps on your device. Put simply, two-factor authentication means adding another password, or a PIN code, to your existing ones.This step can be crucial because revealing two passwords and hacking into someone’s device is nearly impossible. Even if that is the case, you won’t have to worry if you update your passwords regularly, as previously mentioned.However, you don’t want to forget your passwords. Use a password vault application to save your passwords securely.Articles Related to Cyber-Safe TravelingTips for Cyber-Safe TravelingTraveling abroad may bring you some worries about your cyber safety. Many people have had bad experiences while traveling abroad, so you must use proper protection for your information. Following these simple tips can help ensure cyber safety while on the road. Some of these tips may not have occurred to you, but your information will undoubtedly be safer if you do everything we have mentioned above. Once you have everything safe and secure, you’re ready to hit the road and start exploring. Let Wander With Wonder guide you to the best destinations, amazing road trips, and perhaps even to plan your bucket list trips!.7 Tips for Cyber-Safe Traveling