Bed Bath & Beyond filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Sunday, April 23, following a long battle to stay financially afloat.Dominick Reuter/InsiderThe move meant that stores that were expected to remain open, like this one in Wisconsin, would begin winding down and prepare to close.Dominick Reuter/InsiderThis location posted notices at the entrance telling shoppers that coupons and Welcome Rewards would no longer be accepted, as well as informing customers that all sales are final on items bought during the store closing.Dominick Reuter/InsiderThe clearance section was moderately full, with seasonal items from Valentines Day, Christmas, and Halloween.Dominick Reuter/InsiderFor a moment, almost nothing in the store had a discount posted — an odd thing to see for any BB&B regular.Dominick Reuter/InsiderOthers said they felt bad for the employees, who were expecting their store to remain open.Dominick Reuter/Insider