Harrison Marshall converted a dumpster into a tiny home and moved in last month.The artist came up with the idea after struggling to find a home he could afford to rent in London.The project cost $4,800 and has a mezzanine bed, sink, and kitchen area – but no bathroom.LoadingSomething is loading.Thanks for signing up!Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re on the go. download the appWhen Harrison Marshall, an architect and artist, started looking for a new home to rent in London last summer, he was struck by the “crazy” prices. “I was trying to find somewhere that would fit my budget and criteria, but if I found somewhere there’d be 100 other people also looking for the same spot and it’d be gone in five minutes,” he told Insider. “So it made me start thinking that there’s got to be another way for me to do this.”The 28-year-old came up with the idea of converting a dumpster, which are called “skips” in Britain, into a tiny home. They are a common sight outside renovation projects, for example, and can easily be moved to another location if desired.”It also gave quite a good juxtaposition between what you don’t typically think of as a house and almost the polar opposite of that, which is a bin or dumpster, and how actually that could be turned into something which is relatively cozy and homely,” he said.His dwelling is in Bermondsey in southeast London, a short distance from Tower Bridge. 

Source: www.businessinsider.com