In the UK, they’re called biscuits. In Spain, galletas. In Italy, biscotti. In Germany, keks. In America, we just know them as cookies…and we eat more than 2 billion of them every year!We sure do love cookies, a beloved staple food that never fails to cheer up our day. Our fascination with cookies seems endless, and that’s why we crave fun facts about them almost as much as their flavor or texture. For example, did you know that cookies originated in Persia — modern day Iran — in the 7th century? Or that October 1st is National Homemade Cookies Day? Ever wondered who invented the chocolate chip cookie? If you sometimes feel like you might be related to Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, then bite into this quiz filled with delicious facts about our favorite snack and keep an eye on cheap flights in October — or any other time, really — to these cookie history destinations!