Spread the Word and Share!Punta Mita, Mexico is the perfect destination for couples looking for a romantic and luxurious beach getaway. Visitors can use this one-day Punta Mita itinerary to experience some of Punta Mita’s coveted activities. Punta Mita CommunityPunta Mita is an exclusive 1,500-acre gated community where celebrities and dignitaries come to relax and recharge. The highly coveted private community is about forty minutes north of Puerta Vallarta.The private community has over fifteen private residence communities, many of which have multi-million-dollar villas and condos for rent. There are two luxurious, five-star resorts behind the gates: The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort and the Four Seasons Punta Mita. Punta Mita also has two world-class golf courses, five beach clubs, access to surfing, beautiful beaches, tranquil spas, numerous delicious restaurants, and more.With so many exciting options of things to do in Punta Mita, it can be a little challenging to decide which activity to do first. I know, tough life.One-day Punta Mita itineraryThis one-day Punta Mita itinerary will highlight activities couples can do together in Punta Mita.Breakfast In Punta Mita Image Courtesy of The St. Regis Punta Mita ResortStart your Punta Mita itinerary with breakfast at Sea Breeze at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort or Dos Catrinas at the Four Seasons Punta Mita. While at breakfast, take your time to enjoy your surroundings. The ocean views will start your romantic and luxurious day off right. While the day will involve relaxation, you will need your calories for your next activity. So, make sure you order something that will give you a little energy boost. Surfing in Punta MitaAfter enjoying a relaxing breakfast, your Punta Mita itinerary leads you to the beach in front of The St. Regis for your surf lesson with Vallarta Adventures. Here, you and your loved one can try surfing in Punta Mita.Now, I have to admit, I have a healthy amount of respect for the ocean and don’t go in that often. My husband, Gary, on the other hand, loves the ocean and surfs as much as he can. Even though our surfing abilities are worlds apart, Vallarta Adventures worked with us to provide a fantastic couple’s experience.Surfing MonumentsOur morning started by picking out our boards, water shoes (these are a must because the entry into the ocean is rocky), and some instruction before we paddled out to Monuments. Our guide, Tony, was extremely patient with me as I tried to conquer my fear of the ocean. Gary was close by for moral support. Our shared adventure surfing in Punta Mita was my best surf session ever! Miraculously, I caught every wave I paddled for and even rode my last wave to the shore.You might be wondering how I caught so many waves. I cannot take all the credit. My surf instructor Tony knows Monuments well and is adept at reading the waves. Even on small days, the swell at Monuments comes from two directions giving surfers a right and left point. Tony can position his students in the right place, and give them that little extra push to stand up and surf.It was fun being in the lineup with Gary, which is rare for me. He often surfs in the early morning without me while on vacation. However, by taking a lesson, we could enjoy one of his passions together. As an added benefit, I was able to get just a little more comfortable in the water. Gary was elated with how many waves I could catch, and I was excited to see him surf. The shared experience was terrific and one I would highly recommend to other couples visiting Punta Mita, regardless of whether you have any surf experience. Pro Tip: Surfing in Punta Mita takes some planning because most breaks are only accessible by boat. The general public can access the surf break at La Lancha, which is why it is a popular spot for surf lessons. The break at Monuments is accessible to those staying at The St. Regis or those with Punta Mita beach club access.Lunch at Mita Mary’sImage Courtesy of The St. Regis Punta MitaAfter a couple of hours in the water, you are bound to be starving. After your surf lesson, continue your Punta Mita itinerary with lunch at Mita Mary’s. Mita Mary’s is on the beach and overlooks the waves you just surfed. With your toes still in the sand, you and your partner can reminisce about your epic surf session.The menu at Mita Mary’s is simple yet delicious. We loved the guacamole, ceviche, grilled salad, and grilled fish tacos. While eating at Mita Mary’s, I had several dietary restrictions, and the chef went out of his way to ensure I had a wonderful experience.I wasn’t kidding. We were starving after our surf session! All the food at Mita Mary’s was extraordinarily fresh and light. I thoroughly enjoyed the cocktail of the day, which was perfect before our couple’s massage. Pro Tip: If you don’t get a chance to have lunch at Mita Mary’s, you should head over for sunset. The sunset view from Mita Mary’s is exceptional. Picture yourself with your toes in the sand enjoying an innovative and expertly prepared cocktail as you watch the sunset over the water. Indulge at the Remède Spa at The St. Regis Punta MitaAfter a couple of hours of surfing, your muscles might be tired. I know my muscles ached a little from all of the paddling at Monuments. A vacation problem is easily remedied with a visit to the Remède Spa at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort. Remède Spa sets the mood for a peaceful experience. The professionally trained staff goes out of their way to allow guests to relax in an environment devoted to tranquility and revitalization.Although there is a spa menu, treatments can be customized to meet the needs of each guest. We were lucky enough to enjoy the Indulgent 90-minute couple’s massage. The experience was incredibly luxurious and romantic.The massage includes a fusion of Lomi Lomi and Swedish massage techniques. The treatment is complemented by warm White sandalwood oil carefully blended to create a sense of true relaxation. After the indulgent couple’s massage, guests are given sparkling wine to enhance the level of romance.Pro Tip:If you want to enhance your romantic experience in Punta Mita, I suggest opting for the indulgent couple’s massage. If the weather is nice, you can even request your massage in the couple’s outdoor (yet scheduled) tranquil pavilion. Dinner at Hector’s KitchenTo complete your epic one-day itinerary in Punta Mita, head to the town of Punta de Mita for dinner. Hector’s Kitchen is known for producing creative culinary delights. Chef Hector Leyva brings a depth of culinary experience to his patrons. Drawing on his experience as the managing chef of the Punta Mita Four Seasons Resort training from the Instituto Culinario de México, Chef Leyva masterfully creates dishes using locally sourced ingredients.    Hector’s Kitchen sets an elegant yet trendy atmosphere. The upscale ambiance encourages couples to make a fun night out of their visit to Hector’s Kitchen. Since this is a date night, consider starting your night with a cocktail at the bar. The craft cocktail menu is enticing, but so are the wines and spiritsThe dinner menu offers a variety of internationally inspired mouthwatering culinary delights. We tried various menu options including the short rib rolls, the catch of the day, the green curry (Gary said it was delicious), and churros for dessert. Each dish was unique, with unexpected flavors making each bite a culinary adventure.    For those who want to learn the secrets behind Hector’s Kitchen’s inventive dishes, you can sign up for one of his cooking classes. This one-day itinerary for couples gives you a glimpse into how to spend a romantic and luxurious day in Punta Mita.Are you looking for a place to stay in Punta Mita? I can give you 10 amazing reasons to stay at The St. Regis Punta Mita!Spread the Word and Share!

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