Generally when people give advice about travel essentials, it revolves around things like noise canceling headphones, portable chargers, international adapters, etc. Well, I suppose you don’t realize just how important something is to you on a trip until you forget it at home. I’m dealing with that on my current trip.I forgot to pack a hoodie or sweatshirtWhy a hoodie is important for travelBottom lineI forgot to pack a hoodie or sweatshirtI’m currently on a review trip, which is taking me to Peru, New Zealand, and more. As usual, I only packed for my trip shortly before leaving home — I hate packing any earlier than that, since Winston senses I’m leaving once my suitcase comes out, and I don’t want him to feel stressed. I try to pull off more of a disappearing act.My last minute packing is almost never an issue, as I’m hardly a fashionista (Ford, as the more fashion forward person in the relationship, has a different take). It’s really just a function of throwing some underwear and socks in my bag, and deciding which of my athleisure clothes I’m going to take. I could basically pack in my sleep… or so I thought.I guess I’m a bit rusty with these kinds of trips, because within minutes of arriving at Miami Airport, I realized I didn’t have a hoodie, a sweatshirt, or any sort of long-sleeve top.Picture from 2019, but my packing situation in a nutshellWhy a hoodie is important for travelOf course the obvious answer is “it’s good to have warm clothes if you’re going somewhere cold.” I am briefly going to New Zealand, where it’s the tail end of winter, and a bit colder than what I’m used to in Miami.But when traveling, the use of a hoodie goes so far beyond just being needed in cold climates, at least for me:Airport terminals are often kept ridiculously cold, especially Miami Airport; in summer I feel like it’s a 25+ degree temperature drop when you step inside, and it’s consistently the airport where I feel the coldestAirplanes are often cold as well, and on top of that when you’re exhausted, you’re more likely to feel coldIf you’re flying, a hoodie that you can just bunch up makes a great pillow; this is useful if you’re on a flight where pillows aren’t offered, but it’s even useful for extra support if you have a pillowIf I’m trying to rest in a non-flat bed airplane seat, I find that having the “hood” up is ideal for sleeping; you can rest your head against the headrest “widget” with your hoodie, and it’s about as comfortable as you’ll getI can’t count the number of times over the past few days that I’ve thought to myself how nice it would be to have a hoodie. Unfortunately I haven’t really been in an area with any shopping, and I’m even looking in airport terminals for them. Short of a $500+ duty free sweater at a designer shop at LAX, I haven’t come across anything.I find that while on planes or at airports, I typically spend well over half of my time wearing a hoodie, as it’s always how I’m coziest.Bottom lineI probably feel more strongly about this than others, but a hoodie, more than anything else, is what I try not to travel without. It doesn’t matter where I’m going, it always comes in handy. If I could only travel with a hoodie or headphones, I’d choose the former.Am I the only one who is almost always on #TeamHoodie when traveling?