More than 90 gameplay videos of Rockstar’s unreleased GTA 6 were leaked on Saturday.Rockstar has confirmed the leak is real as videos are spread to more social media platforms.The user claiming responsibility says they could ‘leak more data soon’.LoadingSomething is loading.Gameplay clips of Rockstar’s forthcoming Grand Theft Auto VI video game were posted to an online GTA forum late Saturday night.The user —screen name “teapotuberhacker” — posted 90 videos via zip file to site GTAForums, a Grand Theft fan site, and claimed they “could leak more data soon” – including source codes, assets, and testing builds from both GTA V and GTA VI.teapotuberhackerIn a Sunday update, the user provided on the same site an email and phone number for Rockstar and parent company Take2 employees.”I am looking to negotiate a deal,” the statement read.According to The Verge, GTA VI is still in development and won’t be ready for release for at least another two years. The leaked clips show unfinished aspects of the game. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier tweeted to confirm that the leak was real, according to his sources at Rockstar.The leaked videos are being widely circulated on social media although some have been flagged for copyright violations on Youtube, according to the report from The Verge.