Gov. Gavin Newsom placed pro-abortion billboards in seven red states.Newsom urged residents of the states to seek care through a California website.He said he placed the billboards in the states that have some of the tightest abortion restrictions.Gov. Gavin Newsom’s pro-abortion campaign has transcended beyond California borders as he placed billboards in seven states with restrictive abortion bans to taunt governors and inform residents about a new informational abortion website.”We want women to know that we have their backs,” Newsom told The Washington Post, which first reported on the efforts. “We care, they matter, and we’re not going to turn our backs on them because they’re from another state.”The billboards, his latest out-of-state advertisement efforts, were rented using his reelection campaign money, per The Post.The advertisements, which tout California’s recently-launched informational website, can be seen in Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Oklahoma. “I’m doing this because I’m privileged to be able to do it,” Newsom told The Washington Post. “I’m doing this because I care. I’m doing it because the people that support my candidacy support this. And when many heard about this, they wanted to support additional efforts like it, to be fully transparent with you.”Newsom posted images of the billboards in a Twitter thread with short messages to the governors of the seven states.Take a look at the billboards below: