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2019-05-20 00:16:38

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Occasionally I see some interesting travel related products being crowd funded that I think you guys might be interested in.  We’ve talked about the Tropicfeel travel shoe, the Cleansebot bacteria killing robot, and the AirThrone travel lounger, among others. Here’s a few of the travel related crowd funded projects that I’ve seen.

Travel related kickstarters:Today I wanted to talk a bit about the iFreezer Go20, which bills itself as the redesigned car freezer. Loftek was on Kickstarter but has now transitioned to Indiegogo.

All Kickstarter / Indiegogo links in this post may pay me a commission if you boost the project through my link.

iFreezer Go20 features

Here are a few pictures of the iFreezer Go20

It can actually work as a freezer, or a refrigerator / freezer combination

iFreezer Go20 video

Here’s a video showing off some of the different options and features of the iFreezer Go20

iFreezer Go20 backing levels and cost

The iFreezer Go20 is on Indiegogo and has currently raised over USD$148,000 from an initial goal of $10,000. Here are a few of the levels that you can back the project at

$449 for a single iFreezer freezer$878 for 2 iFreezer freezers

There are also a few options for buying additional power cables, extended battery packs and more

Again, here is the link to back the iFreezer Go20 car freezer – they are currently scheduled to ship this month – May 2019

What do you think of this freezer?  Planning on backing this?  Leave your experience in the comments!

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