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2019-05-15 23:16:33

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Swiping our Priority Pass a third time for the trip, we spent some time in the Prague Airport before heading out on our Brussels Airlines flight to Brussels (and then home to Boston).  So far we’ve looked at the Air France Lounge in Boston and the Aspire Lounge at Amsterdam.  Keep reading for our Prague Airport Erste Premier Lounge review!

Turn right for time traveling armchairs!

Prague Airport Erste Premier Lounge Access

With a Priority Pass in hand, you’ve got four options at Václav Havel Airport on the outskirts of Prague:

Mastercard Lounge (Terminal 1)Menzies Aviation Lounge (Terminal 1)Menzies Aviation Lounge (Terminal 2)Erste Premier Lounge (Terminal 2)

Once you get through security at Terminal 2, turn right and walk through the terminal for a few minutes.  You’ll find a large open stairway and elevators to your right.  Hop up to the next level and the Erste Premier Lounge will be on your left, while the Terminal 2 Menzies Aviation Lounge is on your right.  When you enter the lounge, simply hand over your Priority Pass, sign for your guests, and you’re good to go!

Note:  LoungeBuddy mentions “This lounge is accessible to holders of payment cards with the Erste Premier logo or Ceska sporitelna Premier logo.”  I assume this is just another kind of card that will get you into the lounge, but Priority Pass works fine here.

Prague Airport Erste Premier Lounge Food and Beverages

The Erste Premier Lounge stocks a number of finger sandwiches, crudite options, and snacks.  There’s some local influence to the food, with pork schnitzel on offer.  Schnitzel is very common throughout Germany and Eastern Europe, it’s meat (typically pork), pounded flat, breaded, and pan fried.  When done right, your schnitzel will be juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and covered in whatever kind of gravy the chef feels like that day.  If you’re not too hungry, you can grab some simple snacks like pretzels or crackers.

There also lots of beverage options.  The coolers have a selection of juice, wine, and water.  The Erste Premier Lounge also stocks separate beer coolers with a local variety.  If you’re from the states, you’ll find the “Budweiser” beers interesting..

Budweiser has been involved in a trademark dispute over the name in the past, with the Budvar Brewery of České Budějovice, Czechia.  If you find Buweiser in other countries, it’ll often be referred to as only “Bud” due to the trademark disputes throughout the world.

Prague Airport Erste Premier Lounge Seating

We were there on a Sunday afternoon, and it certainly didn’t seem too full.  I’d say they were maybe at 50% capacity for the full lounge, which is loosely divided into a left and right side, separated by the check-in counter.

Both sides have similar seating options, a typical mix of open tables, lounge chairs, and more private sections.  The high-backed chairs above offered some privacy and were very comfortable.  There are also computer desks available for use, pictured below.

Prague Airport Erste Premier Lounge Review

One of our tour guides in the city said that Prague sees over 8 million tourists annually, with a year round population of only about 1.3 million.  I’m sure many of those guests arrive on train (like we did) but for those flying out of Prague, the Erste Premier Lounge offers a decent escape from the airport, as all good lounges should.  If I were to improve the lounge, I wish it had better views of the runway, or the surrounding countryside, but I’m not complaining!  The sandwiches were great and the staff were friendly.  The Erste Premier Lounge is definitely worth a stop if you’re at the airport.

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