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Sagada is a quaint municipality in the Mountain Province. It lies adjacent to the provincial capital, Bontoc. It is most famous for its hanging coffins at Echo Valley, a traditional way of burying the dead, which is still practiced up to this day. Other tourist spots in Sagada are Lumiang Burial Cave, Sumaguing Cave, and Bomod-ok Falls.

From Manila, Sagada is quite a long drive BUT there are many ways you can get there. Two of the most usual are: by direct bus and via Baguio.


Manila to Sagada by Direct BusManila to Sagada via Baguio1. Ride a bus to Baguio City.2. Take a taxi to GL Trans Terminal.3. Catch a bus to Sagada.Top Sagada HotelsWatch our Latest Video!Important RemindersRelated PostsManila to Sagada by Direct Bus

Coda Lines Corporation offers a direct transit between Manila and Sagada via Banaue and Bontoc. The company shares the bus terminal with HM Transport in Cubao along EDSA-Southbound. There are two types of bus: Semi Deluxe Bus (No CR) and Super Deluxe Bus (CR Onboard).

Will there be stopovers for Super Deluxe Buses? YES! Same as the stops that Semi Deluxe Buses will make.

Time of Departure: 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 10:00 PM, and 10:30 PM. Please be at the terminal at least thirty minutes (or an hour) before departure time.

Fares: P760 (Semi Deluxe) and P980 (Super Deluxe). It’s highly recommended to book your seat in advance to secure your slot. They prioritize those who book online. It’s a bit risky to do walk-in as seats can run out real fast. There’s an admin fee of P35.

To book online, just go to Coda Line’s booking site (http://codalines.philippinebus.com/) or contact them at 0927 559 2197 and 0929 521 3229. HM Transport Cubao address is at Monte de Piedad corner Maryland Street, Cubao, Quezon City.

Here’s how to book online:

Go to http://codalines.philippinebus.com/ and punch in the necessary details: date of your departure, point of origin, and destination.You will be directed to a page that allows you to choose the bus type and the departure time.Once you are done selecting the bus type and the time of departure, you will then choose your seat (marked by numbers).After that, you will be shown a summary of your booking details. Then fill out the passenger information form.Click proceed and pay via Paypal or bank deposit. The management will contact you hours before your departure once you are paid and done with the transaction.

Manila to Sagada via Baguio

It is also possible to reach Sagada via Baguio. This involves a change of bus and terminal in Baguio City. A number of companies offer bus services to Baguio, but two of the most popular are Victory Liner and Joy Bus. These are also the only two we have tried, so we’ll be focusing on them.

1. Ride a bus to Baguio City.

Victory Liner has terminals in:


JoyBus has terminals in:

To see the full schedule and fares of JoyBus and Victory Liner buses, check out: MANILA TO BAGUIO BUS SCHEDULE.

If you can, choose a late night bus so you’ll arrive in Baguio in the early morning because the last Sagada-bound bus leaves Baguio at either 11:30am or 01:00pm.

2. Take a taxi to GL Trans Terminal.

GL Trans and Lizardo Trans are the two bus companies that offer the Baguio-Sagada route. Between the two, GL Trans is more recommended by our local friends.

From Victory Liner/JoyBus station, take a taxi to GL Trans Terminal.

Fare: P80.

Travel time: 10 minutes.

3. Catch a bus to Sagada.

At the GL Trans Terminal, approach the counter and purchase a ticket to Sagada, which costs P220.

As of writing, here are the schedule and routes:

05:30 am – Sagada > Besau08:30 am – Sagada Ambasing09:30 am – Sagada > Besau10:30 am – Sagada > Besau11:30 am – Sagada Ambasing01:00 pm (last trip) – Sagada > Besau

Notice that the latest departure time is at 1:00 PM. If you are coming from Manila, make sure to be in Baguio before the last bus departs. It’s better to arrive early in the morning to guarantee the transfer to Sagada from Baguio to give you time allowance and save you from the hassle and stress. Note that the seats can sell out fast, especially on weekends, that even when you arrive at 10:00 AM, the bus departing at 11:30 AM is already full.

Travel time: 6 hours.

Fare: P220.


Be alert. Don’t fall asleep because Sagada town proper isn’t where the trip terminates. You might miss it and end up in Besau, which is the usual final stop for the route.No reservation and advance bookings. Again, you need to be there early because they issue bus tickets for that day’s schedule only on a first come, first serve basis.Ticket-selling starts at 5:00 AM.Hungry while waiting for your bus? Baguio’s popular local restaurant, Good Taste, has a branch near the terminal.The bus will make at least two stops.Top Sagada Hotels

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