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2019-04-15 14:18:05

President Trump has taken to Twitter this morning to give Boeing some advice for what they should do with the 737 MAX, given the current fiasco (along with Tweets about immigration, Mueller, etc.):

What do I know about branding, maybe nothing (but I did become President!), but if I were Boeing, I would FIX the Boeing 737 MAX, add some additional great features, & REBRAND the plane with a new name. No product has suffered like this one. But again, what the hell do I know?

An interesting statement no doubt, especially given that it’s not like the Boeing 737 MAX was a truly new concept. Rather it was created as an evolution of the 737, the most popular passenger jet ever built.

I guess we’ll see if Dennis Boeing & Co. take advice from POTUS!

I mean, maybe it’s not terrible advice. Fix the plane, call it a Boeing 636 MEGA (or MAGA?), put the cockpit in the back of the plane to throw people off, and everyone will just forget the plane ever existed!

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