Are you going on a one-week holiday and you’re wondering how many clothes to pack for 7 days?I’m here to help!If you’re feeling overwhelmed, simply don’t know what to pack for 7 days or you’re trying to pack light and it’s not going to plan, don’t worry!I’m going to simplify this process and show you how many clothes to pack for 7 days…How many clothes to pack for 7 days Break your clothes down into clothing categoriesPlan a rough itineraryPlan your outfitsWrite a listPack what you can ASAPPack the rest the evening before you leave1. Break your clothes down into categoriesIf you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of packing for your 7 day trip then this first tip can really help.I like to break my packing list down into categories. I then pack each of these categories into their own individual packing cube or pouch.NightwearUnderwearActivewear (if I’ll be working out while I’m away)SwimwearDay time outfits (including accessories)Night time outfits (including accessories)ShoesTechToiletriesTravel related accessories (towels etc)Using this list of categories, it’s much easier to write a packing list. Here’s what my packing list for a 7 day trip would be:7 day packing listNightwearUnderwear10 x knickers4 x bras7 x socksMake sure you choose underwear that goes with your outfits. There’s nothing worse than realising you can’t wear that dress because you don’t have a bra to go with it!I pack my underwear and nightwear into a packing cube together.Activewear (if I’ll be working out while I’m away)1 x shorts1 x sports bra2 x tops1 x capSwimwearDay time outfits (including accessories)2 x beach outfits3 x casual daytime outfits1 x fancier daytime outfit1 x travel outfitNight time outfits (including accessories)4 x fancy outfits2 x casual night time outfits (possible crossover with daytime outfits)Only you will know if you’re happy to wear the same outfit for the day and the night. It will also depend on your destination and what you’ll be doing during the day.ShoesRunning trainersSandalsHeels for eveningsTechPhoneiPadCamera + SD cardHeadphonesKindleChargersToiletriesShampooConditionerBodywashMoisturiserToothbrushToothpasteHair brushHair straightenersSun lotionMenstrual productsHair sprayDry shampooFace washBobblesTravel related accessoriesPassport!Microfibre towelsSun hatPortable speakerWater bottlePlug adaptor2. Plan a rough itineraryThe best way to know how many clothes to pack for 7 days is to plan a rough itinerary for your trip.When you know what you’ll be doing each day you’ll know what you want to wear.Here’s an example:Day 1: Travel day + Dinner at hotelDay 2: Relax by pool + dinner at the beachDay 3: Hiking dayDay 4: Boat trip + dinner in cityDay 5: Pool day + big night outDay 6: Beach clubDay 7: Travel dayWhen you plan a rough itinerary like this you’ll see what outfits you’ll need.For example, this itinerary only includes 4 fancy dinners and 4 pool/beach days but without an itinerary you might think you need a fancy evening outfit for every night you’re away.3. Plan your outfitsNow you know roughly what you’ll be doing each day, you can plan what you’ll wear.This is what will really help you establish how many clothes to pack for 7 days.Plan each outfit from head to toe, including underwear, accessories and shoes.Don’t forget you can wear the same thing twice and mix and match items.If you want to pack light then I’d either recommend a capsule wardrobe where lots of the items you’re packing can be mixed and matched. Or opt for lightweight fabrics that fold down small, avoiding bulky items like chunky knits and bulky jeans.4. Write a listUsing the clothing categories I listed above, write yourself a good old fashioned packing list.I recommend doing this at least a week before you start packing for your 7 day trip so you’ve got time to buy anything you need or get anything washed or dig it out from wherever it’s been hiding since your last holiday!A list will stop you overpacking and will help it feel more manageable.5. Pack what you can ASAP (but don’t try and pack everything too early)I don’t recommend packing your entire case too soon because you’re only going to end up digging things back out of it that you’ll inevitably need prior to your trip.But there are certain things you won’t need, so start packing those things.I’ll usually:Pack my PJs and underwear into a packing cubeDecant my toiletries into travel sized pots and pack my travel toiletries bagPack my travel related accessoriesGet my passport and travel documents organisedYou can’t pack your whole case but you can make a start