We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.Is Southern Spain on your travel bucket list? Check out one of the oldest and most fun cities in Spain, Cádiz. There are many great reasons to visit Cádiz in Spain.This city has been inhabited since 1100 BC. You will hear stories of the different nations that have lived in Cádiz, like the Carthaginians, Visigoths, Romans, and Muslims. It was regularly attacked by English pirates for 200 years. One of Spain’s foremost classical composers, Manuel de Falla, was born in Cádiz.Cádiz is almost an island. It is attached to Spain’s mainland only by a thin strip of land. If you love beaches and the serenity of large waters, come to Cádiz.How to Get to Cádiz (from Malaga Airport)Malaga Airport (AGP) is the main way to get to Cádiz. The road trip from Malaga airport to the Bay of Cádiz is 146 miles. If you prefer public transport, there are two direct buses in the morning and one in the evening with a journey time of four hours. Other buses require a change in Algeciras and take five hours.Once you’ve arrived at Malaga Airport and gone through customs, you’ll need to leave the terminal and head to the main train or bus station at the center of Malaga. There are several ways to get to Cádiz from Malaga Airport:Train: Traveling by train is longer an option as there is no direct rail line. However, you can take a train to either Santa Justa train station or Dos Hermanas in Seville. From there, you can take another train to Cadiz. The distance between Malaga on the Costa del Sol and the port city of Cádiz is approximately 145 miles (233 km). Bus: You can take a bus from Malaga airport to Malaga Central bus station and then take the ‘Come’ bus line to Cádiz.Taxi: You can take a taxi from the airport to the train or bus station and then take a train or bus to Cádiz. Taking a taxi from Malaga Airport to Cádiz can be expensive. It can cost you around 255€. You can negotiate the fare with the driver before you get in the cab.Dedicated airport transfer service: You can book a Malaga airport transfer to Cádiz, where a driver will be waiting for you in the terminal with your name on a board and assist you with your luggage to the car. If you’re traveling with a group, it might be more cost-effective to book a private bus and split the expenses. To avoid any hassle, it’s always best to make all your travel arrangements in advance.You can also visit Cadiz easily on a day trip from Seville, if you happen to stay there for your trip. There are direct train connections several times per day, and you can get there with a rental car in just over an hour’s drive. 8 Reasons to Visit Cádiz, SpainMany people overlook Cádiz when planning their Spain itinerary.They pick Barcelona, Valencia, or Seville, but you don’t want to miss the beautiful setting and historic gems in Cádiz, Andalusia’s most underrated city. If you’re still not convinced about visiting Cádiz after reading the introduction, don’t worry! I have listed eight reasons why it’s worth visiting Cádiz, Spain below:1. The Sandy Beaches Cádiz is different from other Spanish seaside cities like Alicante and Malaga because it sits on the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Mediterranean Sea. This means that the beaches have wider spaces, white sand, and clear blue waters. If you enjoy beach time, Cádiz has many beaches to choose from. Playa la Caleta is one of the most beautiful with stunning views of two castles. Playa de la Victoria is another popular beach that is also known for its sports facilities like volleyball courts and an outdoor gym. Both beaches have plenty of facilities such as restaurants, bars, and hotels nearby. You can even find children’s playgrounds here, making it perfect for family trips. The city is also known for its fantastic nightlife, so there is always something to do. If you’re planning to visit Cádiz, you can stay in one of the many 4-5 star hotels close to the beaches, such as the ones offered by international brands like Iberostar.2. Los Carnavales de Cádiz (Carnival of Cádiz)The Carnaval de Cádiz is a lively celebration filled with cultural events and laughter. It’s one of the most significant carnivals in the world, alongside the Carnaval de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The festival is so special that it’s even recognized as one of Spain’s ten Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The carnival lasts eleven days and everyone participates by wearing original costumes, singing, and having a good time. The inhabitants of Cádiz, called gaditanos, prepare their costumes themselves long before the celebration begins, which makes the carnival unique and a unique reason to visit Cádiz, Spain.3. Mouth-watering CuisineIf you love food, you won’t be disappointed with the delicious cuisine in Cádiz. Being located near the sea and having a mild climate influences the local food heavily, resulting in unique Mediterranean dishes. Some of the must-try delicacies include Ostras de Cádiz (oysters), atún rojo de Cádiz (Bluefin tuna), and ortiguillas fritas (fried sea anemone), which all come from the sea around the city. Visitors also have to try Cádiz’s famous thin and crispy churros with the perfect balance of salt and sugar. If you’re looking for international cuisine, there are plenty of high-end restaurants serving fresh sushi and local sherry wine. Don’t forget to indulge in the city’s tapas culture, where you can enjoy small plates of different dishes with friends.4. Historic CenterVisiting an old town or historic center is always a great way to explore a city, and Cádiz is no exception. The charming old town of Cádiz is made up of a few small neighborhoods such as El Pópulo and La Viña, and it’s the main area that travelers explore when visiting the city.The narrow streets and squares of the Andalusian city are enchanting and have a special magic that is hard to put into words. Plaza de las Flores, Plaza de San Juan de Dios, and Calle Virgen de la Palma are just a few of the unmissable spots in the old town that are sure to win your heart. But there is plenty more to discover on your own, so be sure to take a stroll through the charming streets and soak up the history and culture of Cádiz.5. Historic LandmarksCádiz is a city with a rich history, making it a great place to explore if you love sightseeing. There are many landmarks to visit, including the Castle of Santa Catalina, Cádiz Cathedral, and the Torre Tavira, which offers the best views of the city. The city also has a Roman Theatre, Central Market, and Genovés Park. Climbing the Torre Tavira is a must-do for panoramic views of the city. The cathedral and its Poniente Tower offer stunning views of the port. The city also has more than 100 watchtowers, with Torre Tavira being the highest. Finally, El Gran Teatro Falla is a must-see landmark and a great place to enjoy an evening of entertainment. History is one of the best reasons to visit Cádiz, Spain.6. The ArtIf you’re an art lover, you’ll have a great time in Cádiz. There are lots of galleries, street murals, and museums with famous works. You can see Goya’s masterpieces at the Museum of Fine Art, while the Cádiz Museum has paintings by Francisco de Zurbaran from the 17th century and a small copper painting by Peter Paul Rubens. The Archaeological Museum has Roman ruins and murals to explore, and Sala Rivadavia features contemporary art by local artists in Cádiz.7. Great Weather Cádiz is a city with lots of sunshine, getting over 3000 hours of it per year. The average temperatures in January are around 15°C and in August around 30°C, which is perfect for anyone who likes warm weather. Although it can still have some rainy days, it’s still a great place to visit even during the off-season. The best time for a beach holiday is from May to September when the weather is perfect, and the Atlantic breeze provides a refreshing break from the hot days of southern Spain.8. Cadiz is made for wanderingCádiz is a beautiful city to explore on foot, with its picturesque squares and streets. Start your journey at Plaza de San Juan de Dios, located near the port and train station, and home to Cadiz’s town hall. From there, walk along Calle Pelota to Plaza de la Cathedral, where you’ll find the stunning Cadiz Cathedral. This busy square is a must-see for adventure lovers.After visiting the Cathedral, head towards the charming Plaza de las Flores, home to the flower market, and Plaza de la Libertad, where you’ll find the market hall. While many tourists stop here, there are more beautiful squares to discover in Cádiz. Take a stroll towards Plaza de San Antonio and Plaza de Mina for more tranquil areas. Along the way, you’ll cross lovely streets like Calle Ancha.Conclusion on Reasons to Visit Cadiz, SpainWhether you’re looking to make it part of a bigger adventure or planning a quick weekend getaway, Cádiz is sure to impress. So pack your bags and get ready for an amazing experience!Come discover the amazing city of Cádiz!Lucia Pöllä hosts the blog Viva La Vita where she shares tips about traveling in Spain and her favorite southern Spanish cities.Check out these additional posts from around the area:Save this “8 Reasons to Visit Cadiz, Spain” for later – pin it and share it!Related

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