Goodness gracious, this is kind of terrifying…Air India passenger stung by scorpionStuff happens, but this is exceptionally rareBottom lineAir India passenger stung by scorpionThis incident happened on April 23, 2023, and involves Air India flight AI630 from Nagpur (NAG) to Mumbai (BOM). The short 425-mile flight was operated by a 13-year-old Airbus A319 with the registration code VT-SCV. According to reports, a female passenger was stung by a scorpion while the flight was airborne.Upon landing, the passenger was seen by a doctor at the airport, and then treated at a hospital, before eventually being discharged. Air India says that officials from the airline accompanied the passenger to the hospital, and offered support until discharge. An airline spokesperson labeled this “an extremely rare and unfortunate incident.”Following the incident, Air India conducted a complete inspection of the aircraft, and found the scorpion. A fumigation process was carried out — the plane was taken out of service for just over a day. It landed in Mumbai at around 10PM on April 23, and departed again around 7AM on April 25.Stuff happens, but this is exceptionally rareOccasionally we hear stories of unwelcome guests making their way onto planes. This includes everything from snakes on a plane…To bats on a plane…To birds on a plane…However, in almost all cases, passengers aren’t actually attacked. Not only is it really rare to hear of a scorpion being on a plane, but on top of that, a passenger was stung.Admittedly this kind of stuff can happen. After all, there are ways for critters to crawl into a plane, whether it’s through an open door, or some other compartment. However, I think it’s safe to say that this is something most of us would just rather not think about.One of the things that (irrationally) scares people about flying is the lack of control they have over the experience. While that usually refers to pilots and/or the act of the plane flying safely, that’s perhaps even more the case when we’re talking about an animal getting on the plane, since there’s no way to escape.Bottom lineAn Air India passenger on a recent domestic flight was stung by a scorpion, requiring her to be hospitalized upon landing. I don’t ever recall a story of a scorpion biting a passenger, so that’s a pretty scary thing to think about. The next time I’m on a flight and am feeling a bit itchy, I’m going to try to not remember this story.What do you make of this Air India scorpion incident?