A homeless shelter coordinator on Martha’s Vineyard said the island doesn’t have space for 50 migrants who were flown there earlier this week.The coordinator said the island is facing a housing crisis. “This is an emergency shelter — we’re not long-term care,” she said.LoadingSomething is loading.A homeless shelter coordinator for Martha’s Vineyard said the posh Massachusetts island does not have the housing for the dozens of migrants who were flown there as part of a political stunt by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.Lisa Belcastro, the coordinator of the Harbor Homes winter shelter on the island, told reporters that the upscale enclave does not have the “services to take care of” the 50 migrants who were flown on two chartered planes from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday. “The difficult challenges are, at some point in time they have to move from here to somewhere else,” Belcastro told reporters on Thursday, according to a now-viral video clip. Belcastro added, “We don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants, and we certainly don’t have housing — we are in a housing crisis as we are on this island.””We can’t house everyone here who lives and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people,” the coordinator said. “That is our primary crisis.”Belcastro said that the shelter on Martha’s Vineyard is merely a “stopgap.””This is an emergency shelter — we’re not long-term care,” she said, adding that “everyone is meeting about this.”Belcastro’s comments came after locals at the exclusive destination, where some of the nation’s elite own property, pulled together to help out the migrants. “We’ll do everything we can, and you can believe this island community will do everything they can, but [the migrants] need more,” said Belcastro.

Source: www.businessinsider.com