You’re allowed to wear whatever you want; let that sink in and be something you trust. With that being said, plenty of looks will look great on your specific body type. If you’re looking for a new wardrobe, here are some looks for different body types.Beautiful and curvyDid someone say that low-waisted jeans are coming back in style? Well, just because they are, it doesn’t mean curvy women need to wear them. The case of “wear what feels good to you” should be listened to. Curvy jeans are the way to go for ladies with a bit more “junk in the trunk.” High-waisted jeans can also be an excellent fit for women with wider hips, as they perfectly accentuate your curves.   Tall and slimIf you’re tall and slim with long legs, you have the body type that fashion moguls love. That’s because this body type can sport different styles that may not be for everyone, so it’s a great option for the runway.In real life, you’re lucky, as if you want to wear low-waisted jeans, you’ll look great in them, as well as in wider-leg pants, because they won’t make you look like you’re drowning, which is what can happen to ladies with shorter legs and height.Athletically feminineIf you have an athletic build and love a feminine look, there are some great options for you to flaunt what you’ve got. A top with delicate straps provides that soft touch that makes the perfect contrast with your built shoulders. Tight jeans help your strong legs stand out, and Medium-waist pants are the ideal balance for your body type.Apple shaped bodyWhether you have a larger bust or broad shoulders, an apple-shaped body is unique and can be a lot of fun to style. Dresses that cinch at the waist can work wonders to add more shape (so to speak), and so can wearing skinny jeans, which are something that not every lady can get away with, so embrace your body.From ankle pants to classic pants for the workplace, this kind of body can look great in various pant styles. Take a look at fashion magazine subscriptions to find one that caters to your body size so that you can always have fresh ideas.Petite and slimIf you’re a more petite woman in every way, you may feel like you can’t find the right clothes for yourself. The thing about your size is that, while you may need to shop for petite sizes, you can look fabulous in many different styles.The only thing to avoid as a petite woman is pairing loose clothing on the top and bottom, as this can make you look even smaller and like you’re lost in your clothes. Otherwise, go for the looks you love on your small frame because you don’t have to worry about much other than finding the sizes that fit you perfectly. For petite women, that’s the name of the game. Ask a personal stylist to help you find the right fit.Rocking your body style is what’s in style nowadays. However, just because there are looks that accentuate your positives in the best way possible, you can also feel free to wear anything you gravitate to.While there are guidelines for looking your best with different body types and styles, your image consultant can help you choose the perfect looks that make you feel good, whatever that may be.