Larb or Laab, is a delicious, chili and lime salad which comes in many varieties including chicken (larb gai), pork (larb moo) or even a vegetarian mushroom style. The popular dish is healthy, fresh and versatile which can be enjoyed on its own or with sticky rice, but be warned it usually comes with a spicy kick.If you’re more on the adventurous side, order the Larb Mote Daeng. This Thai delicacy is made with red ants and their eggs in a spicy salad, but surprisingly tastes better than it looks!However, you’ll need a stomach of steel for the niche salad specialty called Laab Dib, made of ground raw beef in uncooked blood and bile with herbs. There’s a high risk when eating raw meat due to bacteria, so I wouldn’t recommend this dish to tourists.If  you don’t think you can try this traditional delicacy then try Thailand’s Tom yum goong or Massaman curry. Both pack a punch in flavour without the risk of upsetting your stomach.