There are some places not to be missed, well-known and obligatory tourist points: the ancient Roman colony of Pula, with the third largest amphitheater in Europe. Rovinj, a mirage of white stones and red roofs resting on the water. So Poreč, with the Euphrasian basilica and Opatija, which still recalls the glories of when it was the holiday resort of the powerful of Yugoslavia. Then there are some lesser-known places, such as the Brijuni Islands National Park, the water houses of Moscenice, Buzet with its prized truffles and Motovun, a fortified village. Istria truly has something for everyone, it does not disappoint. Istria Beaches are the best where you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest and are also perfect places to visit. Today we will take you to discover the best things to see in Istria.Rovinj in IstriaThere are four colors that welcome visitors to Rovinj: the white stones with which the streets are paved; red roofs and building facades; the intense blue of the sea; the dark green of the pine forests that surround the Croatian city.In these four colors there is all the splendor of Rovinj, a small unspoiled city suspended over the sea, as pristine as it was when it was a colony of Venice. The Cathedral of St. Euphemia, reachable either on foot along the sea, or through the maze of the alleys of Grisia, the oldest part of the historic center that rises to the top of Rovinj. Life in Rovinj continues during the day on the beaches and in the evening walking from Piassa Granda (Piazza Grande) along the shore and back, but in the middle there is always a stop to eat fish and drink Malvasia in one of the many restaurants.Porec in IstriaPoreč has 37 km of beaches and this seems to be a good reason to spend your holidays there. If we add that the beaches are free, clean, quiet and with crystal clear water, the desire should increase.Poreč (Parenzo in Croatian) has a great tradition of tourism and hospitality: in 1844 the Austrian aristocracy began to visit the Istrian city, which since then has attracted tourists from all over Europe. As in all places on the Croatian coast, holidays in Porec follow a precise (and relaxed) pattern: in the morning on the beach, in the evening a walk in the small historic center, with a must stop for fish or ice cream in the restaurants. and bars on the shore. But Poreč, unlike other neighboring countries, has an unmissable monument: the Euphrasian Basilica, a World Heritage Site and the most important monument of Byzantine art in all of Europe.Buzet in IstriaBuzet (Buzet in Italian) is a small town in the center of Istria. Those who go there on purpose already know the reasons for visiting this city.Those who arrive by chance, taking the wrong road or following the exit sign, are struck by one thing: the signs that say ‘Sale of the Truffle’. The first question is: what do truffles do in Istria? Then you look around, vast and untouched wooded and hilly area, and you understand everything. The city is not that beautiful: Buzet is small and cozy and you can see it in minutes. Slightly decadent, emptied by young people in search of their happiness along the coast, it has only one attraction: the truffle shops and the restaurants that produce them. For the uninitiated, Buzet white truffles are considered to be the most famous Piedmontese tubers.