Another 900 bodies have been discovered in another mass grave near the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Friday.The Ukrainian leader told Polish media on Friday that law enforcement officers discovered another mass grave in the Kyiv Oblast containing civilian bodies.”Another mass grave has been found in Kyiv region with the bodies of 900 civilians,” Zelenskyy said, per a report by online news outlet Ukrainian Pravda. “Nine hundred people!”The area was under Russian occupation last month until troops withdrew from around Kyiv in early April. The Russian forces had spent six weeks trying to capture the capital since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked invasion of the country.As of Wednesday, the United Nations estimated nearly 6,000 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 2,787 killed and 3,152 injured. Among those killed, 1,523 were adults and 202 were children.During an address to the Estonian parliament earlier this month, Zelenskyy estimated that Russia has “forcibly displaced” more than 500,000 Ukrainians to Russia. But Zelenskyy added “no one knows how many people have been killed.””We have to find all these people,” he said, “but we don’t even know how many there are.”Vlad Perovskyi, a coroner working in Kyiv, told The Washington Post last week that bodies are being piled in refrigerated trailers in the capital city because morgues couldn’t process them quickly enough.”These morgues were not designed to handle this amount of bodies,” Perovskyi said.Perovskyi said he’s performing as many as 10 autopsies a day — only performing internal examinations if the cause of death is unclear from the superficial wounds sustained by the body.”I’m used to seeing horrible things done to bodies, but I was very shocked to see such horrible treatment of the deceased by the Russians,” Perovskyi said. “How can someone shoot a person and then run over the body? Or throw them into ditches. How can someone put a bullet into a dead man’s head?”This story is developing. Please check back for updates.