It looks like Turkish Airlines will soon be opening another lounge in the United States.Turkish Airlines Lounge JFK opening soonWhy the Turkish Airlines Lounge JFK is excitingBottom lineTurkish Airlines Lounge JFK opening soonAs reported by, Turkish Airlines will be opening a lounge in Terminal 1 of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). While the airline hasn’t yet stated anything publicly about the lounge, there’s now a lounge in Terminal 1 with Turkish Airlines’ branding, and a sign that says “Turkish Airlines Lounge will be welcoming passengers very soon.”The Turkish Airlines Lounge is taking the space of the former Alitalia Lounge JFK, which frankly must have been one of the worst lounges at JFK, and that’s saying something. Of course in the meantime Alitalia no longer exists in its previous form, but rather it has been replaced by ITA Airways. I suspect ITA Airways realizes the economics of having a lounge at JFK simply don’t make sense.The former Alitalia Lounge JFKThe Alitalia Lounge has been closed for a long time, and ITA Airways has been sending its premium passengers to the Air France Lounge JFK.Why the Turkish Airlines Lounge JFK is excitingThere are a few reasons we should be looking forward to a Turkish Airlines Lounge JFK:This means that the former space of the Alitalia Lounge will be renovated, and just about anything would be an improvement over the old lounge spaceThe economics of Turkish Airlines having a lounge at JFK make a lot more sense, as the airline operates three daily flights from JFK, which means there are a lot of Turkish Airlines passengers eligible for lounge accessAll of Turkish Airlines’ lounges outside of Turkey belong to Priority Pass; so while there hasn’t been anything official, I think it’s safe to assume that this lounge will likely also belong to Priority Pass, which will be great for those with a premium credit cardMy only concern is that this likely won’t be a very large lounge, unless Turkish Airlines found a way to expand it (which I can’t imagine is the case). Turkish Airlines has a few lounges in the United States (including in Miami and Washington), and I’d say they’re above average for Priority Pass lounges.Turkish Airlines has a lounge in MiamiBottom lineTurkish Airlines will soon be opening a lounge at New York JFK Terminal 1, taking the place of the former Alitalia Lounge. While details are limited as of now, I’d say this is a positive development, since Turkish Airlines lounges outside of Turkey tend to belong to Priority Pass.What do you make of the upcoming Turkish Airlines Lounge JFK?