This article may contain references to some of our advertising partners. Should you click on these links, we may be compensated. For more about our advertising policies, read our full disclosure statement here.In this Seattle CityPASS review, we explore how it works, what the pass includes, and how much it costs. We also help you decide if it’s a good fit for your Seattle travel plans. Enjoy!Are you planning a trip to Seattle? If you like sightseeing, you’re in for a treat. The Pacific Northwest’s largest city is full of fantastic places to visit – not to mention a to-die-for food and coffee scene.Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, you’d probably like to visit Seattle’s top attractions without breaking the bank. Thankfully, you’re in luck! We’ve got a tool to help you do just that.Enter the Seattle CityPASS.Seattle CityPASS: How It WorksThe Seattle CityPASS is a sightseeing card that provides entry to Seattle’s biggest attractions – at a discount, of course. You pay a set price for the pass and skip paying admission at the door, resulting in some serious savings.With the Seattle CityPASS, you’ll gain entry to five of the top six attractions in the city. Two of the attractions are included with every pass. Purchasers then get to choose from three of the remaining four attractions, which is nice for people who appreciate some flexibility.Upon purchasing the pass, your tickets will be emailed to you. You can either print the tickets or present them on your phone at each attraction.Once you visit your first attraction, the entire pass is valid for nine consecutive days. Considering it covers five attractions, that’s plenty of time to make the most of your visits.Top Attractions Included on the Seattle CityPASSThe Seattle CityPASS includes entry to five of Seattle’s top six attractions, including:Space Needle – Day & Night Admission ($61.95)Seattle Aquarium ($39.00)Plus you get to choose three of the following attractions to visit:Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour ($38.59)Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) ($33)Woodland Park Zoo ($24.60)Chihuly Garden and Glass ($33.60)(*Prices current as of April 27, 2022)Editor’s Note: Some attractions may require reservations. Additionally, some attractions may have limited operating hours and days. Please check with CityPASS and the attraction prior to arrival.Needless to say, these attractions aren’t exactly cheap. If you want to visit the five most expensive attractions, you’ll spend over $206 paying the regular ticket price.The good news? The Seattle CityPASS can cut those costs by almost half.How Much Does the Seattle CityPASS Cost?Now that you know what’s included on the pass, let’s get into the good stuff! Just how much savings are we talking about?Adult (ages 13+)Child (ages 5-12)$115.00$87.00Children under age 5 may be eligible for free or discounted tickets at some sites.*Prices current as of April 27, 2022If you visit all five attractions, you’ll save up to $91.14 per adult. That’s a savings of 44%! For kids, you’ll save up to $51.20 – which works out to about a 37% savings.Save Up to 44% in Seattle – Save up to 44% off the cost of regular adult admission prices with the Seattle CityPASS! Learn more here.Seattle CityPASS Attractions GuideWant to know more about what’s in store when you visit five of Seattle’s top attractions? Here’s a little tidbit about each destination included on the pass:Space NeedleWant to enjoy a panoramic view of Seattle from 520 feet up? If so, you’ll want to take the 41-second elevator ride to the Space Needle’s Observation Deck. The city view is spectacular both day and night, which is why the Seattle CityPASS includes two admissions – one daytime entry (timed), and one during the last three hours of operation on the same day.As you might imagine, the Space Needle is very popular. I recommend reserving your daytime entry ticket in advance. You can use your pass to reserve online up to thirty days before your visit.Seattle AquariumThe Seattle Aquarium is a treat for the whole family. There are several exhibits featuring all varieties of sea life from Puget Sound and beyond. Think otters, seals, octopus, salmon, tropical fish, and more!“Life on the Edge” encourages visitors to touch and interact with the sea life of the Puget Sound tide pools – kids will love it. Dive shows inside the giant 120,000-gallon tank happen three times a day – be sure to check one out.Argosy Cruises Harbor TourTake in the views and learn the city’s history on the one-hour narrated cruise of the Elliott Bay and Seattle Waterfront Shoreline.Use your Seattle CityPASS to reserve a timed cruise departure at the Argosy Harbor Cruise ticket booth (reservations required). You can do this in advance anytime during the nine days the pass is valid. Interested in an upgrade? That can be arranged. Check out your options here.Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)If you’re a fan of music, TV, movies, or video games (basically, if you’re alive), you’re going to find something for you at the MoPOP.Current exhibits feature pop culture hits like Marvel superheroes, Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, and more. Interactive exhibits like the Indie Game Revolution and the Sound Lab will have adults and kids engaged. They even have exhibits dedicated to Seattle musical icons Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Jimi Hendrix.You can use your pass at the admissions desk or at any gallery entry.Woodland Park ZooIf you’re less into pop culture and more into nature, you’ll want to check out the Woodland Park Zoo.The zoo features wildlife from all over the world, including the African Savanna, Australia, and Tropical Asia. Current featured exhibits include the Assam Rhino Reserve and Banyan Wilds exhibit. The zoo also boasts a sustainable penguin exhibit that’s sure to delight.Chihuly Garden and GlassChihuly Garden and Glass feature a glasshouse that is 40-feet tall and home to a stunning 100-foot long sculpture. You really need to see it to appreciate it!The garden exhibits are a unique blend of art and botanicals. If you are a lover of either, you’ll appreciate this place.Reservations are recommended and can be obtained online up to thirty days prior to your visit. If you don’t have a reservation, simply present your pass at the ticket window to reserve timed entry. Your admission also includes an audio tour you can listen to using your smartphone.Other Benefits of the Seattle CityPASSMad savings – The Seattle CityPASS saves you up to 44% on admission to top attractions. What’s not to love about that? (Hot Tip: Try combining the pass with one of the best travel credit cards for even more savings on flights and hotels!)Extra discounts – Besides the main benefit, the pass also includes some extra savings. This includes discounts at the Space Needle and MoPOP gifts shops – which might come in handy if you’re buying souvenirs. You also get discounted admission to some of the attractions – allowing you to visit all six attractions at a discounted price, if you want.Streamlined entry – These attractions can get quite busy, so saving time by avoiding ticket lines helps you make the most of your vacation.Good for nine days – Once you activate the Seattle CityPASS, it’s valid for nine days. This is great if you want to spread out your sightseeing.Save Money in Seattle – See Seattle’s top attractions for less with the Seattle CityPASS! Get entry to five of Seattle’s six best sites, and save up to 44% off the cost of admission. Learn more here.Where the Seattle CityPASS Falls ShortThe Seattle CityPASS offers great value, and I have a hard time finding much wrong with it – especially since they are now offering a mobile pass.One thing you may not like is that the pass is not comprehensive. (To be honest, no pass ever is.) You get access to five of Seattle’s top attractions, and that’s it. While it may not be a big deal, if you want to see some sites that aren’t on the pass, you’ll end up paying out of pocket.Overall, I think the Seattle CityPASS offers some great value. Honestly, I think it’s one of the best sightseeing passes available anywhere!Who Should Consider the Seattle CityPASS?First-time visitors – If it’s your first time in Seattle, chances are you’re interested in seeing all the key attractions included on the Seattle CityPASS.Families – Your family will save a ton on admission if you’re interested in the included attractions. And since they’re all pretty kid-friendly, it’s likely that you are.Travelers who want to see Space Needle and at least two other attractions – The pass currently costs $115 per adult, and the regular admission price to Space Needle is more than half of that at $61.95. So, if you visit Space Needle and one other attraction, you won’t quite break even. If you visit two attractions plus the Space Needle, you’ll save money. Obviously, to get maximum value from the pass, you should visit all five of the included attractions.Travelers who enjoy a laid-back pace – The Seattle CityPASS is good for nine days, which is really nice if you want to spread out your sightseeing.Who Should Skip the Seattle CityPASS?Repeat visitors – If you’ve been to Seattle, already hit most of the major attractions, and don’t need to go back, this pass is probably not for you.Travelers with limited interest in sightseeing – On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re not interested in sightseeing, you don’t need this or any sightseeing pass. And if you’re only likely to visit a couple of the included transactions, you’re better off skipping the pass.Tourists skipping the Space Needle – Since the Space Needle is by far the most expensive item on the list, if you plan to skip it, the pass may not be a great value for you. However, it may still be worth it if you plan to visit the other attractions.Tips for Using the Seattle CityPASSVisit five attractions – Want the best value for your money? Make sure to maximize the pass and visit all five attractionsHit the most expensive spots – Obviously, you’ll save more money if you use your pass for the most expensive attractions. If you really want to check out the others, you can always purchase those tickets separately.Visit the Space Needle twice – The Space Needle is the most expensive item on the pass, plus you get both a daytime and evening same-day entry. Take advantage of them both to get the most value from the pass.How to Buy the Seattle CityPASSBuying the Seattle CityPASS is a breeze. You can buy it online now right here.When you buy your pass, you have two choices for handling your tickets:Use your mobile phone with the tickets emailed to youPrint your ticketsUsing your mobile phone is probably easiest. However, if you are old school and want something to hold onto, you can always print each individual ticket. Of course, you run the risk of losing them but you can still carry them on your phone as a backup.Note that the pass does have an expiry date of one year from the date of purchase.Is the Seattle CityPASS Worth It?If you’re planning a trip to Seattle and are interested in visiting the attractions included on the pass, I say go for it!The Seattle CityPASS offers travelers up to 44% off some of the top attractions the city has to offer. Those are some pretty attractive savings!The pass is valid for nine days, which is great for people who want a little flexibility in their sightseeing. It also helps you avoid ticket lines at some attractions, which is great for helping you save time.All in all, I think the Seattle CityPASS is a great pass that can save families, couples, or solo travelers a nice chunk of change. If you’re planning to visit the best attractions in Seattle, this pass definitely deserves your consideration.Get Your Seattle CityPASS – See the top attractions in Seattle and save up to 44% off the regular admission price! Get your pass here.Seattle CityPASS ReviewAttractionsPass Options & LengthsPriceFast Track EntryOverall ValueSeattle CityPASS ReviewIf you’re planning a trip to Seattle and want to visit some of the city’s best attractions, the Seattle CityPASS is a great deal. It offers travelers up to 44% off regular admission prices to some of the top spots in Seattle.The pass is valid for nine days, which is great for people who want a little flexibility in their sightseeing. It allows travelers to skip ticket lines at some locations, which is great for helping you save time.All in all, I think the Seattle CityPASS is a great pass that can save families, couples, or solo travelers a nice chunk of change. If you’re planning to visit the best attractions in Seattle, this pass definitely deserves your consideration.