When you are on a family RV vacation, you want to soak up each moment and enjoy your time together. Unfortunately, one of the few things that can ruin your experience is having a poor RV toilet for waste disposal.A top-of-the-line toilet will upgrade your trip. The best RV toilets provide a comfortable experience similar to an at-home toilet, with a convenient flush and waste disposal mechanism. Since so many portable camping toilets are available, choosing one can be overwhelming. Keep reading to gain insight into the best options on the market.Table of contentsThings To Consider With an RV ToiletThe 5 Best RV ToiletsPedal Flush RV ToiletCeramic Bowl RV ToiletLightweight RV Toilet With Customizable SeatSanitary RV Toilet With Leakproof ValveA Great All-around OptionFinal ThoughtsTable of ContentsThings To Consider With an RV ToiletThe 5 Best RV Toilets1. Pedal Flush RV Toilet2. Ceramic Bowl RV Toilet3. Lightweight RV Toilet With Customizable Seat4. Sanitary RV Toilet With Leakproof Valve5. A Great All-around OptionFinal ThoughtsThings To Consider With an RV ToiletWhen looking into RV toilet options, it helps to consider a few important aspects. Some seem logical, while others might be easily overlooked, such as pedal flushes and self-containment options.Here are the most important aspects to consider before buying a toilet for your RV:Compact and Lightweight DesignFinding a compact RV toilet that fits into your few feet of space is crucial. A lightweight design makes for easier assembly and transport to your RV.ComfortTo recreate the experience of using your home bathroom, your RV toilet should be comfortable. This is why you should look for a toilet with a sitting surface of the right size. In addition, the overall size of the toilet and how well it fits into your RV should be taken into consideration.Ease of CleaningThere are a few cleaning mechanisms that you can count on when buying an RV toilet. The flushing mechanism and waste disposal system are 2 of the most crucial aspects. So, make sure you look into these factors before deciding on a unit.Eco-friendly UsageAs someone who likes to travel in an RV, you no doubt appreciate nature. An eco-friendly RV toilet can help you give back to nature if you will. You don’t even need to spend money on a toilet that turns waste into fertilizer in order to accomplish this. You can do your part simply by ensuring the successful removal of waste.Hot Tip: Don’t miss our guide to the top 20 RV accessories and essentials, including storage, kitchen, and safety items!The 5 Best RV ToiletsBased on these aspects and many other usability features, here are the top 5 RV toilets to consider buying before your next trip.1. Pedal Flush RV ToiletAqua-Magic V Pedal Flush RV ToiletAqua-Magic V is the best option if you are looking for a pedal-flush mechanism for waste disposal in an RV toilet. This toilet is a perfect blend of home comfort and the usability of easy cleaning.It’s made from polypropylene, and the angled-back design provides support for your back while sitting. It looks like a regular white toilet that you can find for home usage, and it comes with bolts, covers, and nuts.It fits into all types of recreational vehicles and it comes in 2 seating heights, so you can choose the model that best suits your space.What We Like:A classic toilet design that fits into all RV typesWhat We Don’t Like:Pedal flushing system requires gentle use2. Ceramic Bowl RV ToiletDometic 310 Series Sanitation Gravity ToiletThis ceramic toilet has a sleek, modern design, and it’s as comfortable as it is stylish.It’s a floor-mounted RV toilet that has a unique pedal-flush system. The flush is located on the left side of the toilet’s bottom, so you can easily press it once you’re finished.This value-priced toilet includes a full-size bowl made of ceramic rather than plastic for easier cleaning and better hygiene. It also includes a powerful, water-efficient flush and a slow-close seat.What We Like:Made from quality ceramicWhat We Don’t Like:Requires an additional mounting adapterHot Tip: Feel fresh and clean when camping with the best RV toilet paper products.3. Lightweight RV Toilet With Customizable SeatAqua-Magic Residence High-Profile RV toiletThanks to the build materials and sturdy support, the high-profile Aqua-Magic Residence toilet has a premium feel. In addition, polypropylene makes this toilet and its seat a comfy addition to your RV.The side-flush pedal is located at the bottom. It’s a single-pedal system that’s easily triggered, and 100% bowl coverage is achieved by pressing the pedal in full. The toilet is lightweight and features easy assembly without requiring too much water for cleaning.This toilet features an anti-microbial seat that prevents the growth of mold or bacteria.What We Like:Anti-microbial seat with comfortable seatingWhat We Don’t Like:4. Sanitary RV Toilet With Leakproof ValvePorta Potti 92306 White Thetford CorpIf you are looking for a portable toilet without the need for a flushing pedal or water for waste disposal, consider the Porta Potti Thetford Corp. This option is easily installed in your RV toilet space floor and features a powerful valve that prevents waste from dripping out.It’s a highly versatile option for an RV toilet with the option to install it wherever you please. Also, its functionality is boosted by the carrying handle that ensures the waste section won’t detach from the body.It’s easy to empty it after usage, and the hold-down kit helps you keep the toilet locked to the floor of your vehicle. The only downside is that it can’t be used multiple times without emptying it because it doesn’t come with a flush mechanism.What We Like:Great portable toilet for RV tripsWhat We Don’t Like:It has to be emptied after every usage5. A Great All-around OptionDISCOUNT: 24%Camco 41541 Portable Travel ToiletThe best overall solution for a portable RV toilet is the Camco 41541 travel toilet. It comes with high versatility and a comfortable seat made of polypropylene and quality plastic. It’s floor-mounted and has a flush mechanism built-in, with a pedal in the leg area.The toilet is attached to the tank with a lock and the sturdy construction ensures the highest comfort while sitting, comparable to your home bathroom.The flush tank holds 2.5 gallons of fresh water for thorough flushing. It’s a complete solution for RV camping trips, especially since the waste tank is in a separate section that’s locked by a valve. The back of the tank can be removed for easy cleaning. Refill the flush tank and it’s ready to use again.What We Like:High comfort level and best waste disposal systemWhat We Don’t Like:It comes in a bulky package and requires assemblyFinal ThoughtsUltimately, we hope this list gives you some clarity in your decision-making when it comes to purchasing an RV toilet.Remember that comfort doesn’t only mean a comfy toilet seat. Rather, it means confidence and ease of use in the complete package, including the waste disposal mechanisms and a hygienic approach. Among the options on this list, you are bound to find a toilet with all the features you want.Featured Image Credit: Camco

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