If you’re wondering how many days in Cairo you will need to explore Egypt’s capital city located on the banks of the River Nile keep reading!It is a land of contrast, with lush vegetation along its shoreline, soaring skyscrapers in the background, and a captivating mixture of old and new.PSSST. Your travel medical insurance can now cover COVID-19!If you grab SafetyWing Nomad Insurance, it’ll be covered just like other illnesses. I’ve been using it since 2019 and I can assure you it’s the perfect solution for nomads like you and me.Near Memphis stand the ancient pyramids of Giza, but the modern city with its Western-style hotels and department stores is just a stone’s throw away!With a semi-walled medieval city, large bazaar, and more than 400 historic monuments, it is truly a destination with something for everyone.So how many days do you need in Cairo to see and experience the best of its attractions?The answer really depends on how busy you’re prepared for your itinerary to be! You could certainly see lots of the city in a 2-day visit, but you’d need to be on the go the entire time. A 3 or 4-day break would be more suitable if you’d like time to take in a few more of Cairo’s wonders, especially if you prefer a more relaxed pace.Before you make your final decision about how many days for Cairo you will need, there are a few more things to think about.How To Choose How Long To Stay In CairoTime Of Arrival, Hotel Check-In Time, And Time Of DepartureWhat To Do In CairoVisit Egypt’s Great PyramidsEnjoy An Action-Packed Desert SafariSee Historic Treasures At The Egyptian MuseumTour The Ancient City Of AlexandriaTry The Best Of Egypt’s CuisineFinal Thoughts On Cairo GetawaysHow To Choose How Long To Stay In CairoHere are all the factors to consider when planning to visit Cairo for the very first time. To help you design your itinerary, I’ve also included some of the city’s main attractions and how much time you’ll need to see them.To help you figure out exactly how long you’ll need in Cairo, make a list of the things you want to do in Cairo, and consider the time of arrival and departure. Then, look at the distance between places to keep it realistic.At the end of this exercise, you’ll know how many days in Cairo you’ll need.Time Of Arrival, Hotel Check-In Time, And Time Of DepartureYour time of arrival in Cairo determines how much of the city you can see that day. Early arrival is ideal and allows for a full day exploring the sights. But if you arrive after lunch, your sightseeing time will be limited.The same applies on your final day if your departure time is particularly early. You may need to add an extra night to your stay to compensate for a lack of time on your first or last days.To save time on arrival, you could also book a private transfer from the airport to your hotel.It’s also important to make sure you have somewhere to leave your bags as soon as you arrive in Cairo. If your check-in time is several hours after your arrival, contact your hotel or accommodation provider and ask if you can leave your luggage with them beforehand.This normally won’t be a problem, but don’t just assume this to be the case – check ahead to be sure. You may also want to ask if they will store your bags after checking out, should your departure time be much later.If your hotel doesn’t offer this service, then it’s worth making your own arrangements so you can maximize your sightseeing time!Although there is no luggage storage available at the airport or train station, there are various hotels and residences that advertise this service around the city.It’s also offered at several museums, including The Grand Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Islamic Art, the Memphis Museum, and the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. If you’d rather get things organized prior to departure, you can find lots of private companies offering luggage storage online.Activities In CairoThere is so much to see and do in Cairo that you need to decide which of the sights are most important to you ahead of your visit. Make a list of all those that are ‘must sees’ and find out how long you will need to spend at each one. You will also need to calculate the amount of time you’ll need to travel from one to the other. And don’t forget to add on some extra time for queuing, too – some of the city’s highlights can be extremely busy!Note that many travelers prefer to book tours and activities in advance to save time, skip the queues and make the most of their holidays.Browse Tours In CairoPace Of ActivitiesWhen deciding how many days in Cairo is enough, be realistic about the pace at which you want to see everything. With so much to experience it can be very tempting to squeeze as much as possible into each day.But you need to make sure that you don’t spend your entire visit rushing from one place to the next, as it will leave you with little time to simply relax and soak up the atmosphere!Of course, it’s good to make the most of the sights in any new destination. But it’s also good to give yourself the freedom to enjoy some people-watching, linger over a delicious meal, or just spend longer at the places you like the most!TransportationCairo’s efficient metro system is the best way to get around the city! Three lines run from the city center out to many of the main attractions and the costs are reasonable.If you are a solo female traveler or part of a female group, consider using the middle cars which are designated for women only.Taxis are everywhere and ideal for reaching the areas that the metro doesn’t go to. If you’re on a budget, use the older, black and white taxis.But agree with your fare before you set off and don’t expect luxuries like air-conditioning! If you prefer to travel in a little more style, use the yellow or white taxis.Just be aware that these are more expensive and you might be charged extra for the use of air-conditioning!Buses are the cheapest transportation option but difficult for visitors to use! The signage is poor so it’s hard to know which bus to get, and they tend to be very overcrowded! It might be tempting to try to hire a car, but I’d advise against that, too.Parking is incredibly difficult and the locals are infamous for their aggressive driving!What To Do In CairoHere are my suggestions for the best things to see and do in Cairo and how much time you’ll need for each.Visit Egypt’s Great PyramidsThis epic experience starts with a visit to the Step Pyramid of Zoser, Egypt’s oldest existing colossal stone building. From there you’ll head to Memphis to see the Colossal Statue of Ramesses I, followed by lunch at a local restaurant.Taking in the pyramids of Cheops, Chefren, and Mykerinus along the way, you will then be taken to the Great Sphinx and given a chance to explore the Valley Temple, a complex containing a mortuary temple and the Pyramids of Chefren.This is the ultimate tour for some memorable photos of your trip and to learn more about Egypt’s captivating history.Suggested time: 8 hoursDine On The River NileCruising from old Cairo to new Cairo, this unique evening excursion gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the city at night. As you enjoy a splendid open buffet dinner you will drift past beautiful views of Cairo’s illuminated architecture.You will also be entertained by belly dancers performing classic Arabic songs, along with an exciting Tanoura show.  Suggested time: 4 hoursEnjoy An Action-Packed Desert SafariMore than just a sightseeing tour, this activity gives you the chance to experience some dune bashing in a 4X4, try your hand at sandboarding, and pretend you’re a Bedouin explorer as you ride a camel through the desert terrain.Stop for photos at the beautiful Mudawara Mountains and Wadi Al Rayan waterfall, and enjoy a fabulous BBQ lunch at a desert camp before heading back to your hotel.Suggested time: 10 hoursSee Historic Treasures At The Egyptian MuseumOn this private guided tour, you’ll discover the old, middle, and new kingdoms of Egypt, along with a fascinating collection of historic artifacts.Exhibits include the carvings of hieroglyphics and painted scenes from the Book of the Dead, giving you a glimpse into the everyday life of Egyptians in the past.The highlight of the visit is the Tutankhamun exhibition, where you can see the casing of his sarcophagus along with his immaculate burial mask.Suggested time: 4 to 5 hoursTour The Ancient City Of AlexandriaAlexandria, one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean coast, was a major center for civilization in the ancient world.This day trip allows you to experience its wonders for yourself and includes visits to the Roman amphitheater of Kom El-Deka, the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, and Pompey’s Pillar, Alexandria’s triumphal Roman column.Lunch is included and the tour ends with a visit to the Citadel of Qaitbay, made from stones salvaged from the ruined Alexandria lighthouse.Suggested time: 10 to 11 hoursTry The Best Of Egypt’s CuisineTaking you off the beaten path and away from the crowds of tourists, this guided food tour is designed to give you a taste of the real Egypt.Visiting authentic and traditional restaurants, you’ll get to try some of the country’s delicious specialties, including baba ganoush, shawarma, falafel, and more. Suggested time: 5 hoursFinal Thoughts On Cairo GetawaysI hope that the information in this guide has helped you decide how many days in Cairo you’ll need. Have fun creating your itinerary and enjoy every moment of your visit to Egypt’s bewitching capital.Here is some more travel inspiration if you’re visiting Africa:

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